Combat Helmets Aramid FAST MICH PASGT
Combat Helmets Aramid

The following three types of helmets are available.
All helmets available in other colors on special order.

FAST = Future Assault Shell Technology Helmet
The helmets were tested by the Mellrichstatt Ballistics Agency according to NATO-Standard
STANAG 2920, in addition against 9 mm and .357 Magnum ammunition.
The results are great, the ballistic limit V-50 is 724,9 m/s.
Test Report FAST Helmets (PDF_FILE 4,59 MB)

The helmets already saved lives several times in the Ukraine after hits with Artillery shrapnels.

Price: Size L (ca. 55 - 58) / Size XL (ca. 59 - 63) Euro 399,-

MICH = Modular Integrated Communications Helmet mit Rails

Price: Size L (ca. 55 - 58) / Size XL (ca. 59 - 63) Euro 379,-

MICH = Modular Integrated Communications Helmet

Price: Size L (ca. 55 - 58) / Size XL (ca. 59 - 63) Euro 369,-

PASGT = Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops

Price: Size L (ca. 55 - 58) / Size XL (ca. 59 - 63) Euro 320,-

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Shipments to all countries of the European Union, Australia, Iceland, Japan,
Canada, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, USA, GB and Northern Ireland.
You may pick up the helmets in MARKTBERGEL or GÖTTINGEN upon arrangement.
Postage 7,- Euro per package within Germany.
For a purchase of 10 helmets, you get an extra helmet for free.
For orders to countries other than the above we need an end user certificate from the customer
and an export permit of the German Office of Export Control. This takes several
weeks or months.
Our manufacturer´s label - helmets are only original with this label:

Non-appropriate types / sizes / years of manufacture are blackened.
*** Special Rule for the UKRAINE ***
According to the "Allgemeine Genehmigung Nr. 32" of the Office for Economy and
Export Control, helmets can currently be exported to the Ukraine.
In this case, all sales are possible without sales tax.

Helmets may only be sold to :
- Government Offices / Institutions / Organizations of the Government of the Ukraine
- Rescue and Help Organizations of all types unless they are controlled in any way by Russia
- Press, humanitarian helpers, development personnell, unless they are controlled in any way by Russia
The protection class of all helmets is NIJ IIIA. This means, the helmet usually protects
against shrapnels and ammunition 9 mm / .44 Magnum.
All helmets fulfill the NATO-Standard STANAG 2920.

These helmets are made to protect against shrapnels from bombs, grenades, Artillery and
and all types of metal, glass and concrete parts that fly around after an attack.

All normal combat helmets do not give protection against a hit with rifle ammunition.
Therefore, you would need a class NIJ IV helmet, which has a weight of ca. 10 Kg and
is hardly available.
If anyone tells you that a normal combat helmet protects you against rifle ammunition,
he does not tell you the truth.

We carry out shooting tests with all kinds of weapons and ammunition types to test our helmets.
I only sell helmets of which I know exactly what they can stand.
As a former soldier and still active member of the Army Reserve I will never sell items
of which I am not convinced and which I have not tested by myself.

The following pictures show well, what protection class NIJ IIIA means.

The protection classes above IIIA are mainly relevant for ballistic vests.
These vests contain heavy and thick ballistic plates.

This overview shows you, against which ammunition types class IIIA protects you.

Results from own shooting tests:

Shooting with buckshot ammunition, pellet size 3 mm, distance 25 m, simulation as shrapnels

The pellets enter the helmet into the outer aramid layers and are stopped after a few
millimeters or very few centimeters. You can feel the pellets from the outside.
The inside of the helmet is absolutely undamaged, not even the smallest bulge is visible.

Shooting with 9 x 19 mm ammunition (Machine Pistol), distance 25 m

Shot 1 enters into the helmets and moves between the aramid layers about 6 cm far.
The round stays in the helmet, it did not have enough energy to leave the helmet again.
The helmet has a crack at the outer layer of about 1 cm.
The inside of the helmet has a bulge, approximately 7,5 cm large, maximum thickness about 2 cm.

Shot 2 enters into the helmet, moves between the aramid layers about 6 cm far and
then leaves the helmet again. The aramid material is clearly visible.
The inside of the helmet has a relatively small bulge of about 4 x 7 cm, maximum thickness about 1 cm.

It is surprising that the entrance holes into the helmets are very small.
The bulges inside of the helmets are pretty soft, since these are the aramid layers.

(The hole in the center of the helmet was the hole for holding the helmet on the test device.)

The offical test at the Mellrichstadt Ballistics Agency is in preparation, the test certificate is planned for July
and will be published here.

Sometimes people ask me, why my prices are 100,- to 150,- lower per helmet than at some other sellers.
My answer: because other dealers want to earn 100,- to 150,- more per helmet. ;-)
My aim is to supply you with great helmets at a good, fair price! There is nobody else between the factory and me.
That is also the reason why I can fulfill special requests within a few days.

Firma Frank Hummel, Weilerfeld 22, 91613 Marktbergel, Germany, Email:
Bundeswehr Lieferant-Nr. 0000127624