Pocket Badges / Key Holders


Hard Enamel or Painted
Type of fasteners for pocket badges:

- with hanging loop
- with nails and clutches (most common style)
- with safety pin (we do not recommend this version, the position of the badges will not be straight in most cases)

type of fasteners for key holders:
- on a leather hanger with a key ring
- with a chain and key ring or screw fastener

Minimum order is 100 pieces. Re-orders 50 pieces minimum.
There are NO die charges, set up fees, etc.!!!
Price changes at: 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 / 1000 pieces
Pocket Badges and Key Holders with hanging loop can be mixed to reach
the minimum order quantity.
The badges can also be delivered without leather and without fasteners,
for example to glue them onto gifts of all types. The price for the leather will be deducted.
You can mix badges with and without fasteners to reach the minimum order amount.

We do not produce pocket badges where the badges are glued onto the leather hangers. They will fall off sooner or later.

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