Badges of the Manufacturer Bichay in Kairo / Egypt
The Badges of the Company Tewfik Bichay in Cairo / Egypt
(last update 20. September 2020)

The company of Bichay produced a number of beautiful and large United Nations badges
in the 1960´s (?) and 1970´s for the UNTSO, UNDOF, UNEF and UNIFIL missions.
Many collectors are searching for these badges, and even more collectors are searching
for information about how many different and WHICH badges were made.

I was able to buy the supplies of Tewfik Bichay in the late 1990´s after writing
to the company in Egypt. Tewfik Bichay had moved to Canada, so I bought these badges,
which were just moved from Egypt to Canada, from Canada to Germany.
It was the only chance to get most of the badges for my collection.
I have sold most extras over the last 25 years, and with every order, the selection
of extra badges I have is becoming smaller.

This page shows the badges I have or have seen in real, and I added drawings from pieces that
were produced by Bichay but that I do not have. I need support from you, the collectors, to make
this website complete. If you have a Bichay badge that is not shown on this website or only as a
drawing, then please send me a good quality scan with 300 dpi if possible, and I will add it.
Quite a few of the badges exist in different shades of blue and some exist in gold plated and
silver plated. I am showing the major variations.

You could sort the badges by missions, by countries or by similar designs.
I decided to sort them by country.

Multinational Headquarters / Joint Badges


I thought this would be UNTSO or UNEF, the Brazilian Battalion within the
Canadian Contingent. There was really a Brazilian Battalion.
I was searching for this flag for some time,
but then I got the idea that it shows a bra! And that makes sense, because
it is the BRABATT, the BRA Battalion!
I do not know what you Canadians really did in Egypt, but if you have a
story about this badge, let me know!!!











One of these is for Canada and one for Austria:

It is the only UNTSO Desert Driver Badge, so perhaps for all Nations.
The left side is like the UNTSO medal ribbon, thin-wide-thin blue stripes.

The original plastic hangers for the badges:

These soldiers are wearing the Military Police badge:

I need these badges for my collection. Let´s trade if you have an extra one.

Frank Hummel, Weilerfeld 22, 91613 Marktbergel, Germany